Here is the starting point to learn how to use MySQLSync and synchronize your central MySQL database with SQLite databases located on remote mobile devices in online and offline mode.

Getting Started
Configuring the tables to be synchronized
Syncing from Android application

Getting Started

Running MySQLSync in essence requires a running Server component which is configured with the Manager application and a mobile application that uses the Client SDK and.

Product key

Get a product key for MySQLSync from the product key page.

Running the Server component of MySQLSync

Start by downloading the Server component of MySQLSync and deploy it to a Java Web Server.

Inside the file you will find mysqlsync.war – a Java web application that has to be deployed in a Java Web Server.

In this tutorial we are going to use Apache Tomcat but any compatible Java Web Server can be used for this purpose. Install Apache Tomcat if you haven’t done so, and place the mysqlsync.war file in the Tomcat /webapps folder.

Start Tomcat and verify that MySQLSync Server component is running by accessing


You should see:

The above error indicates that we have to set the product key received earlier as Environment variable. Below are examples of setting Environment variable for Windows and Linux:


set DMYSQLSYNC_KEY=your key here


export DMYSQLSYNC_KEY=your key here

Configuring the tables to be synchronized

Next stage in the setup of MySQLSync is configuration of the MySQL database to be synchronized.

Download the MySQLSync Manager application if you haven’t done sone and execute the run.bat/.sh file inside from the archive.

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